Mission Statement

Blenheim Mk.1 L6739

Blenheim Mk.1 L6739

The mission of the Historic Aircraft Association is to promote and protect the interests of its members who support the continued airworthiness and flight display of historic and heritage aircraft in the UK.

A primary mission of the Association is to preserve a favourable climate of reasonable freedom to operate and maintain historic aircraft with sensible regulatory control. The HAA also strives to promote the best practices for safe flying and maintenance of historic aircraft.

The Association liases and negotiates with the Regulatory Authorities on matters affecting the movement as a whole, and on behalf of individual members when necessary. This is a reciprocal process. The HAA as part of its mission acts as a pressure group acting on behalf of the historic aircraft community in the UK.

The HAA provides a source of specialist advice to its members and other historic aircraft operators. It taps into the wider knowledge and skills available through its links with other aircraft associations such as Europe Air Sports, the European Air Display Association, the Vintage Aircraft Club, the Classic Jet Operators Association, The Moth Club. The HAA is affiliated to the Royal Aero Club of Great Britain and to the Aircraft Owners and Operators Association.

The Historic Aircraft Association therefore provides through corporate strength significant representation at the CAA and in the political arena.

The HAA aims to give advice and help to new display pilots and airshow organisers through its Annual Symposium. Some members of the HAA Council carry responsibilities with other organisations in the disciplines of air show safety, air display regulation and display authorisations. As it is mandatory for display pilots to be in possession of a CAA Display Authorisation, the HAA offers its members help in obtaining the required authorisation.

The HAA can also provide specialist legal and insurance advice through its links with aviation lawyers and insurance brokers.

The Historic Aircraft Association promotes a strong fellowship amongst like-minded aviation people who share the passion of historic and heritage aircraft flight.